We would like all of our tenants to have the most enjoyable experience possible during your residency. If an issue should arise during your stay please contact us directly so we can work together for a prompt resolution. Our friendly representatives are standing by to assist you.

Here are a few common topics you may encounter during your residency:

Maintenance Service:

Any time you have maintenance issues please contact us as soon as possible. Normal non emergency requests can be submitted online on our website, mailed, faxed, or called into our main office. If your maintenance request is an emergency, we have a 24-hour emergency phone line and someone on call at all times. Please assist us by promptly reporting maintenance issues as early as possible and taking reasonable action to prevent any further damage to the property. Moreover, our goal is to resolve maintenance issues within twenty-four hours if possible.

Regular Property Inspections:

On a regular basis we will have an authorized contractor or one of our staff inspect your unit. We'll look for unreported maintenance issues such as water leaks, change the a/c filter (in some properties), and test the smoke detector(s). You will receive written notification giving you at least twenty-four hours of advance notice to prepare for us to enter the property in the event of an inspection.

Issue Resolution:

Have a problem with a noisy neighbor? Notice that the trash service isn't being picked up? Let us know and we'll do our best to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. We also work with tenants on lease violations, handling pet agreements, and rent payments. Our office staff is prepared to assist you with any issues you may have during your tenancy.


Make sure all utilities for the property are connected and active during the term of your lease. Your lease agreement may require you to maintain specific utilities during the term of your lease. Make sure these requirements are met upon move in and at all times.

Move Out Notice:

Submit your move-out notice as required by your lease in writing. You can send it via postal mail, fax, or email, but your notice does have to be in writing. Be sure to state your name, your address, when you're moving out, your forwarding address if you know it already, the reason you're moving out (to help us better facilitate our tenants), and ways to contact you to schedule showings and arrange inspections.


Once we receive your move out notice, an agent may contact you to discuss showing your unit. Please check your lease, many leases state your apartment can be marketed once you have given a move out notice.

Forwarding Address:

Be sure to give us your forwarding address! This is vital for making sure you receive your security deposit reconciliation.


Turn in your keys immediately upon move out. If you cannot move out or turn in your keys for any reason on your pre designated move out date, please contact us in writing to let us know if you're still occupying the unit.

Security Deposit:

In accordance to the terms and conditions of your lease, we will process your security deposit reconciliation as required. Once complete, we will mail it to your forwarding address via US Postal Service Certified Mail. Watch for a pickup notice from your post office! We are not responsible if you do not pick up your security deposit reconciliation. If the post office returns it to us because you did not pick it up, please contact our office.

Check Your Lease:

In most cases your lease will have a section detailing the procedure for your move-out notice and moving out. Knowing what your lease requires can save you time and money while expediting your move and security deposit reconciliation.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you should need further assistance.

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